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The best way to prevent heart disease is to understand and manage your risk factors. If you are at increased risk, you may want to speak with your doctor or connect with a cardiologist. If you are at increased risk, you may want to speak with your doctor or connect with a cardiologist. Take one of our free health risk assessments now to determine your risk for some of the most common diseases and identify steps to live a healthier life.

Know Your Risk for Heart Disease. When it comes to your heart health, there should be no doubt. Discover Your Heart Health with Beaumont’s Free Heart Risk Assessment. When we are relatively healthy and feel good, most of us do not often think about our health. It is only until something happens that causes us to stop, reflect, and make changes. Better understand your risk of developing a stroke in just a few minutes with our free online risk assessment. Using the Stroke Risk Scorecard, your answers to questions about age, lifestyle, family history and other risk factors related to the development of a stroke will help you be more proactive when it comes to prevention. The key to heart disease prevention is managing your risk factors and early detection through regular screenings. While certain genetic or inherited factors such as age, gender and family history cannot be changed, adopting a healthy lifestyle can dramatically decrease your risk of getting heart disease. The following screenings and tests are available at Beaumont's Cardiovascular Performance Clinic: Cardiovascular history and physical exam. A Beaumont cardiologist will review your past medical history, interpret your 12-lead electrocardiogram, assess your resting blood pressure, screen for murmurs and review your family history for sudden.

Beaumont Health has a new tool called the Beaumont Heart Health Risk Assessment to help patients identify their individual risk. It's a free quiz you can take online that asks key questions about. Heart-Health Risk Assessments from the American Heart Association Knowledge is power. By entering a few of your health numbers, you'll receive valuable information on steps you can take today to lower your risk of cardiovascular disease CVD. Beaumont physicians were the first in the Midwest to complete several advanced heart procedures, and that spirit of innovation continues to thrive today. Beaumont heart specialists work with you, your family and your primary care physician to develop the best possible treatment plan, including if you are high risk or have a complex condition.

As the area’s leading source for heart care, we provide more ways to prevent heart disease and to help you improve your heart health. We offer comprehensive, innovative treatments right here, close to home and family. And the first step is easy; just take your FREE online Heart Health Risk Assessment. Or make an appointment for your Heart.

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