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15 Excellent "Game Of Thrones" Fanfiction.

The Game of Thrones TV show section underhas almost 4,000 stories alone, if you've got the time. Now, everyone wants something different out of their fanfic, so I’ve tried to include a variety of Game of Thrones fan fiction styles and genres. The majority of the fic summaries are from the authors, and I’ve made a note of whether it’s completed, ongoing still being updated, or incomplete and dormant, as well as the length and rating of each title. An experimental oneshot of Game of Thrones that turned into a new series of oneshots. I am taking requests, but my writing is very slow. But Sansa slowly falls in love with Joffrey's bodyguard, Sandor, and they eventually consummate their love after surviving a terrorist attack lead by Arya. It's the perfect story for Thrones fans who also wish that they could masturbate to House of Cards. YOU ARE READING. Game of Thrones Fanfic: Arya/Hound Fanfiction. I know some will be like what the heck but whatever. I actually really like these characters for multiple reasons and writing this was actually my relaxation for some time.

Read Get Your Hands Off from the story Game of Thrones Fanfic: Arya/Hound by ffinn79 You know who with 826 reads. gameofthrones, aryaxsandor, houndxwolf. Ary. The White Walker freezes him solid with her vagina, because death by sex is a running theme in the magical world of Game of Thrones fan fiction, and also my nightmares now. Staying true to the lore, the White Walkers raise the dead man to serve them as. Dancing for You Chapter 1: A Calling, a game of thrones fanfic. Edit: I forgot to say, Joffrey doesn’t exist in this AU and the fic contains near to no spoilers for the series it’s based more on. So, I've been looking for Game of Thrones fanfiction that is both good and long. If long is not an option, I'll settle for good. Good and long GoT fanfics I've read: The.

Game of Thrones. Filtrar a Listagem. Exibir apenas histórias com o gênero. Exibir apenas histórias sem o gênero. Apenas histórias concluídas Não listar crossovers Throne escrita por Alexis Rodrigues. Anos após Daenerys Targaryen conquistar as três cidades na Baía dos Dragões, Rhaella Targaryen, sua filha mais velha e a nova Khaleesi do Mar Dothraki, Garanhão Que Monta O Mundo. Lani will eigentlich nur Urlaub bei ihrer Familie machen, natürlich mit ihrem Freund. Natürlich kommt alles anders als geplant und als wenn das nicht schon schlimm genug ist, geht ihr der beste Freund ihres Schwagers tierisch auf die Nerven. Read 13. DETERMINED from the story Southern Sun ☼ Game of Thrones Fanfic by chardonette with 414 reads. asoiaf, gameofthrones, winterfell. 16.06.2013 · I hold out hope. But while "Game of Thrones" has failed some of the books' female characters, watering down Cersei and muting Catelyn, fic writers have got their backs. Few fics are explicitly.

Read Game Of Thrones [CLOSED] from the story Fanfic Contests by Fanfic Fanfiction with 6,335 reads. contests, coffeeshopau, holiday. The Game Of Thrones Con. In my fanfic there's a subplot where the process of creating Valyrian steel is rediscovered and Dany commissions two Valyrian steel swords, one for her and one for Arya. As the title suggests they are. Die sieben Samurai formieren sich in der 5. Folge der 7. Staffel von Game of Thrones, die Eastwatch heißt. Das bedeutet vor allem, dass der Plot einen Gewaltmarsch an die Mauer unternimmt.

10 Insane Game of Thrones Fanfics - Dorkly Post.

TO BE FOUND HERE: Decently-written, multi-chaptered and engaging Game of Thrones FanFiction stories that are OC centric, and are mainly romance-orientated. Possible pairings with all the characters you love and love to hate. If you're looking for a good read, you'll find it here. Webnovel - novel - A Great Adventure Game of Thrones Fanfic - Lord_of_Winter - TV - Reincarnation, Fanfiction, System A guy is reincarnated into Game of T. 56 Valar Botis All Men Must Endure » by Falcon-Rider "But you, Lord Snow, you'll be fighting their battles forever." Ser Alliser Thorne Every time he died his last in that life he awoke again in another at the exact moment of Ghost's birth. 14.04.2019 · NerdCast 583 - Game of Thrones: Virou fanfic? Neste podcast: Conheça as impressões dos nossos nerds sobre a sétima temporada e descubra as expectativas e teorias mais malucas para o. Forum of Thrones by LiquidChicagoTed is an ongoing Elsewhere Fic set in the world of A Song Of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones. It takes place roughly 300 years before the main events of the novels and the series, during the period that would later be known as The War of Conquest.

Harry Potter and Game of Thrones Cross Over It's 1945, and the unusual, sideshow attraction, Cinder, is about to meet a young boy who will become the darkest wizard ever known. But little does Cinder know; her family are just as evil as the young boy she becomes loyal to. When Cinder beco. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Game of Thrones fanfictionI NEED IT.

Viserys Targaryen im Original: Viserys Targaryen ist ein Nebencharakter in der ersten Staffel von Game of Thrones. Er wird von Harry Lloyd verkörpert und erscheint zum ersten Mal in der Pilotfolge der Serie. Viserys war das Oberhaupt des Hauses Targaryen, den ehemaligen Herrschern über Westeros. Jon Snow and Kaeda Seraphine SYNOPSIS Kaeda Kay-duh of House Seraphine was the seventh daughter of her mother and father. Her mother didnt have the strength to give birth. This is rather snarky since I don't like the TV show and write fanfic based on the books. Game of Thrones is expensively produced A Song of Ice and Fire fanfiction. So many canon divergences and OCs too. That being said, this is a rec list I made a several weeks back. ASOIAF based fics. There's also The North Remembers, also ASOIAF based. 18.09.2013 · If you're a fan of Game of Thrones and can't get wait for the next season. then this is the Fan Fiction for you! If you'd like to see a part two to this sh.

20.08.2017 · Game of Thrones fills a specific need in our pop culture psyche, holding a similar appeal as shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. These are TV series that are so dark and filled with. I took a nap because a med I’m taking for an infection makes me sleepy and It was one of those short naps when you go full into deep sleep mode and those minutes of sleep are fucking harder and more valuable than the ones you get at night and I fucking dreamt a whole bunch of things including.

Game Of Thrones Fanfics Want to know where your donations are going? Check out our latest budget update and donate today! So far, we've raised US$ 182,494.15 surpassing our goal of US$ 130,000. So begins Game of Thrones: Vendetta by Snafu the Great, which details an alternative outcome to the War of Five Kings in which House Maegyr and the remnants of House Targaryen invade Westeros with a single purpose: to annihilate House Lannister and their allies.

Fan fictions are for those readers who got their heart broken by the authors in book series. A few parts of us die, when the author decides to kill our favorite character or our OTP One True Pair do not end up together. FFs give us relief from t.

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