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SELECT ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statements are flagged as unsafe for statement-based replication. In addition, beginning with MySQL 5.6.6, an INSERT. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statement against a table having more than one unique or primary key is also marked as unsafe.` – Abdul Muneer Aug 10 '15 at 5:53. Description. INSERT. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE is a MariaDB/MySQL extension to the INSERT statement that, if it finds a duplicate unique or primary key, will instead perform an UPDATE. In MySQL, if you specify ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE and a row is inserted that would cause a duplicate value in a UNIQUE index or PRIMARY KEY, an UPDATE. mysql之insert intoon duplicate key update详解 场景: 在日常的开发中,经常会遇到如下的场景:查看某条记录是否存在,不存在的话创建一条心记录,存在的话更新某些字段。.

insert 中on duplicate key update的使用(本文重点) 如果您指定了on duplicate key update,并且插入行后会导致在一个unique索引或primary key中出现重复值,则执行旧行update。例如,如果列a被定义为unique,并且包含值1,则以下两个语句具有相同的效果:. mysql中的insert.on duplicate key update的用法注意点:1.确定唯一性索引字段(如机构表中,机构编码是唯一的,不可重复的)2.update 后面跟需要更新的. L’instruction ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE est une fonctionnalité de MySQL qui permet de mettre à jour des données lorsqu’un enregistrement existe déjà dans une table. Cela permet d’avoir qu’une seule requête SQL pour effectuer selon la convenance un INSERT ou []. 网上关于insert. on duplicate key update大多数文章都是同一篇文章转来转去,首先这个语法的目的是为了解决重复性,当数据库中存在某个记录时,执行这条语句会更新它,而不存在这条记录时,会插入它。.

insert 中 on duplicate key update的使用. 如果您指定了 on duplicate key update ,并且插入行后会导致在一个 unique 索引或 primary key 中出现重复值,则执行旧行 update 。例如,如果列 a 被定义为 unique ,并且包含值 1 ,则以下两个语句具有相同的效果: mysql> insert into table a,b,c. レコードがなければinsert、あればupdateなどどいう超便利なsql構文があります on duplicate key update オプションがそれなのですが、 結構便利です、今回 mariadbで試しておりますが、mysqlでもおそらく同様にいけると思います。. ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE statement. In other words, VALUEScol_name in the ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE clause refers to the value of col_name that would be inserted, had no duplicate-key conflict occurred. This function is especially useful in multiple-row inserts. The. 在MySQL数据库中,如果在insert语句后面带上ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE 子句,而要插入的行与表中现有记录的惟一索引或主键中产生重复值,那么就会发生旧行的更新;如果插入的行数据与现有表中记录的唯一索引或者主键不重复,则执行新纪录插入操作。.

duplicate key update にはcaseやifが使えるので、フィールド毎に更新条件を設定できる。 デフォルト値を使って値を更新されないようにもできる。 取得した数字がレコードの数字より大きければ更新. mysql 중복 키 관리 방법 insert 시 중복 키 관리 방법 insert ignore, replace into, on duplicate update. Tips when using ‘replace into’ and ‘inserton duplicate key update’ in MySQL Posted on October 31, 2018 November 28, 2018 by Shuo Wang Sometimes when we want to insert rows into a table which contains duplicate keys, then we consider using ‘replace into’ or ‘insert intoon duplicate key update. 07.04.2006 · Hi all. Googling around and I still haven't been able to answer this question, hopefully the collective brilliance of this forum can help; I am trying to. MySQLでは On Duplicate Key構文を使うことで、レコードがなければ Insertを行い、ある場合は Updateを行う処理を実行させることが出来ます。その使い方の詳細解説です。.

After 5.1.12 this is supposedly no longer necessary, however I found an exception to that today. If you have an autoincrement pk, and a unique key on say an email address, and the 'on duplicate update' triggers based on the email address, note that the last_insert_id' will NOT be the autoincrement value of the updated row. INSERT INTO `student3` `id`, `name`, `class`, `social`, `science`, `math` VALUES 2, 'Max Ruin', 'Three', 86, 57, 86 on duplicate key update social=86,science=57,math=86 We will get a message saying 2 rows inserted, but actually we have updated one record only. Here mysql will retrun the number of affected rows based on the action it performed. TheWebFellas. We build Web & Mobile Applications. < All Articles. Conditional duplicate key updates with MySQL. In one of our larger Rails apps the sheer volume of data we process means we’ve had to rely more and more on direct SQL queries, denormalised tables and summary tables to speed things up.

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