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SimpleLists Property

Determines whether to use <LI> tags for list items.

This property is ignored when AbsolutePositioning is set to True.

Sub SimpleLists(newVal As Bool)



False means list items will come out as simple paragraphs (this is the default). True means list items will be formatted using the <LI> tag.


The <LI> tag offers limited physical formatting capabilities. If your goal is to get the richest logical content, set SimpleLists = True, and you will get <LI> tags. However, if you require the best visual accuracy, leave SimpleLists = False, which is the default setting.

Exception Handling

Please refer to the list of return exceptions.

Example Usage

oConverter = CreateObject("EasyConverter.PDF2HTML.5")

' Use <LI> tags for list items
oConverter.SimpleLists = True
Call oConverter.ConvertToHTML(inFileName, outFileName)